“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   - Albert Einstein

...and so, the cycle begins again. We stand poised on the cusp of the Aquarian Age. Projected on to the Universal screen is a scene written about at the dawn of the Piscean Age. A frenzied crowd of men and women throwing rocks at a lone woman, and Jesus saying, "Who of you is so blameless that you can righteously condemn this woman?" Perhaps no tableau more signified the two millennia to come than men and women ganging up to mercilessly murder a helpless woman with no judge, no jury and no consideration for truth or righteousness. A crowd of people fearful and insecure in the face of a rapidly changing world, who felt a little less helpless if they could so completely control the fate of another. Centuries followed, and so did epithets of whore, adulteress, she dishonored us, burn the witch, and now, lock her up; spit flying as the curses flew from the mouths of angry men and women. These days, when men and women wish to hurl stones, the video and audio of it is projected around the world in the blink of an eye. Just as Jesus was the avatar of the Piscean age, the avatar of this Aquarian age is an electronic black box that we gaze into more intently than Solomon gazed into his beloved's eyes, and that reflects back to us, not our idealized self, not the fantasy self who comforts us in dark hours. This device reflects our deeds and words with no wishing or hoping to soften it; reflected to us as God, as Karma, as the pond of Narcissus.                     Pray for us, pray for us...                                          Still not ready to move forward into the energy of the New Age? Haven't hit rock bottom yet? Still in backlash mode? Can this poor, sweet world survive much more jealousy, hate, lies and greed? I send out a prayer for all of the Healers, past, present and future to come to the aid of our dear planet... Love, love, love is all that's left.     Women's empowerment and return from the shadow continues like a tiny shoot struggling to emerge through hardened soil and reach for the sunlight. Uranus vibrates to the New Age of Aquarius and the replacement of the age old Patriarchy with a new age of Co-Operation. In the Age of Pisces, all that was female was oppressed and vilified. In the Age of Aquarius, will personal power be accessible to everyone? In this time of transformation and Aquarian revolution, the truth is our only salvation. Peace & blessings to anyone who finds this page. And a prayer for bringing needed change into your life that is for the benefit of everyone and transforming old habits into fresh, inspired choice and personal responsibility for creating your new story, dream, journey, attitude. Breathe deeply and stay steady, Dear Ones, and a gentle rain dropping on your sweet face to wash away old tears, old grime, old goofs- 
Love and healing... 


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...and when I am lost in the woods without my drum
then my heart is a drum, my heart is a drum...    

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